Learning Integrity Framework

We are committed to the highest quality and business integrity in everything that we do.

We understand that for any business to be successful integrity must be at its heart. In light of this we have created a Learning Integrity Framework, which outlines three principles we strive to adhere to at all times.”

Our four guiding principles for developing our learning content are:

Principle #1 Trust

We recognise to make a measurable difference to people’s life and careers, we must first gain their trust through integrity.

Principle #2 Respect

Treat others with the utmost respect. We strive through our research and content creation to show respect to the participants featured within our programmes.

Principle #3 Educational Value

Our prime motivator is to offer the highest quality of learning and for this to be reflected within the content we create.

Principle #4 Constant Learning

We are open to learning and are committed to constant improvement and welcome constructive and objective feedback.

Editorial Process

We have a rigorous editorial process that is driven by our ‘Learning Integrity Framework’ and is accompanied with these Authors’ Notes:

Authors’ Notes

We would like to acknowledge the participation of all the Entrepreneurs and Dragons who have made this Learning Programme possible.

Any information, regarding persons or companies, whether by statement or video footage, is provided to achieve the highest possible educational value for all involved and is done so with the most honourable of intentions.

To reach the highest possible quality in learning outcomes we adjust the content for simplification and for clarity. The use of edited video clips does not provide the full picture and the conclusions & learning points drawn should therefore be viewed with this in mind. The ideas & guidance are surmised only from the limited data available during this learning experience & is one interpretation only of these events. Consequently, it cannot be deemed to be factually & wholly representative of real events.

Any person exposed to the complexities & ambiguities of risk who is involved in a start-up or any entrepreneurial role has our respect & admiration. Without their vision and courage we would not have been able to create this high calibre learning programme.

Any information given or decisions made within the learning programme have been used solely to provide the most effective learning experience & the author does not intend to be critical or judgemental in any way to either the Entrepreneurs or Dragons.