Why do you improve?

The Dragons' Den Business School is underpinned by our research at the University of Hertfordshire and teaching at the University of Cambridge which have revealed two key outcomes. That successful Entrepreneurs need to have well rounded personal skills (The 9 Skills for Success™) and the best way to develop these skills is through learning by doing or experiential learning.

How do you develop the 9 Key Skills™?

We have identified through our research programme that there are 9 Key Skills that entrepreneurs need to become successful. These skills are the benchmark that you will be measured against throughout the programme. As you progress through the programme your skills will be measured against the actions you take. 

The programme is immersive – rather than passively receiving information, you have valuable time to focus entirely on yourself as you participate actively in assessing situations and making important decisions. You learn as you experience using our programme based around Theory Practice and Feedback.

You can also reflect explicitly on your self-development and then create action plans to apply to both your own personal development and your business or idea.


90% of users improve!

Over 90% of users demonstrate an improvement in their quality of thought, judgement and decision-making when taking part in the programme. Start now to become a part of the growing number of people that have improved their skills and quality of life because of this process.

How do you improve?

The Dragons’ Den Business School uses a unique learning format which focuses on experiential learning. This lies at the core of the interactive simulation, employing cutting edge game practices and enhancing traditional proven teaching theory.

Learn by doing!

It uses a unique and proven format (see video opposite) which is highly interactive, engaging and immersive, yielding serious and important learning outcomes including enhanced Business Acumen in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Features and benefits

  • Accelerates expert knowledge transfer in a highly Interactive entertaining style
  • Provides a risk free environment to take risks, makes mistakes and learn faster
  • Promotes fast-track learning while developing business knowledge and your key skills
  • Simulates competitive play with individual and team leaderboards
  • Apply a proven methodology for assessing the commercial viability of business ideas & your own business